How to Avoid Electrical Problems in the New England Winter

The New England Winter can be brutal: cold, snow and ice, and other wintery problems can push your utilities to the max. Worse than a high electric bill is a loss of power, fire, or other disasters. In the winter, the need for electricity is exceptionally high. Preventing electrical issues in the New England Winter is crucial to a happy and warm season. 

Reduce Electric Consumption

You may require more appliance usage in the winter months, as people tend to stay home more when it gets colder. The consistent use of an electric oven, space heater, slow cooker, dishwasher, and washing machine can start to add up. The electric consumption is even more so if the appliances are older. Start by decreasing usage when possible and upgrading your appliances to more efficient versions. Reduced electric consumption will positively impact your electric bill and prevent your electrical system from overloading. 

Examine Winter Gear Every Year

Which electric items are only used in the colder months? If you put an electric blanket on your bed or use a space heater in your office, it is always a good idea to check these things before trusting them. Ensure that wires are not chewed or frayed, and keep an eye on them the first several times you use them in the season. If you have any doubts about the safety of an item, it is better to retire it than risk a house fire. 

Consider Investing in a Generator

A generator is significant if you have electric heat. To avoid extended periods of cold during those dreadful winter storm power outages, invest in a good generator to keep the heat going. Although some generators will not be able to power your entire home, a decent one should be able to keep your home warm and food cold. 

Use a Humidifier

While static electricity is not necessarily harmful (unless you’ve got fuel present that could spark), it can be an annoyance. In the winter months, static is more common because of the dry air. Using a humidifier can help you decrease some of the static in your home.

Get an Upgrade!

How old is your electrical system? If it has been 20 years or more since you had a complete electrical upgrade, the time is now. Not only is an upgraded electrical system good for the real estate value and your personal use, but it is also safer for your family. With an upgraded system, you can be sure that any overloaded circuits can be broken as a safety precaution – although a new system will be able to handle more electricity than an old one. 

Contact the Pros

No one wants to deal with electrical issues, but the importance is evident. Luckily, Brunelli Electric can step in and accomplish the complex parts for you! Keep your family and your home safe with the knowledge and skills provided by us. Contact us today at 508-400-5571

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