custom TV mounted brackets

Whether you’re mounting a TV in your home or business, our electricians are there to help. We can build custom jumbotrons for large, flat screen TV’s to be the centerpiece of your retail, restaurant, or health club facilities. Every application is different; we custom build our own mounts from steel, paint them to match the aesthetic of your home or business, and then professionally wall or ceiling mount them. Our technicians will ensure that the mounting bracket is secure and provides optimum viewing standards. We will then attach and set up all of your TV components and make sure all wires and cables are neatly dressed and hidden.

Custom Bar and Restaurant TV Mounts in Southern Massachusetts

Bars and restaurants will always be a hotspot for getting together to watch a Patriots game on a Sunday or any other sporting event! Behind your menu, the number and quality of TVs that your bar or restaurant in Massachusetts boasts is one of the most important things sports fans look for when deciding where to gather to watch.

With Brunelli Electric’s custom bar and restaurant television mounting services, you can ensure that patrons and sports fans alike will never have a bad seat in the house again when it comes to seeing a screen, keeping them coming back for any major viewing event with friends! Our licensed and insured contractors can install numerous televisions in the most customer-friendly layout while also ensuring all mounts are secured and wires are hidden and protected to prevent accidents or injuries.

custom tv mounts

Commercial and Retail TV Mounting Service in Southern Massachusetts

A custom-mounted television could be a wonderful addition to your space if you own a retail business or other commercial property in southern MA. A flashy TV showing off your newest sales to potential consumers passing by on the sidewalk is a simple yet effective way to attract new clients who may have just walked right by. Even a TV inside your retail space showing background slideshows or playing music videos can add a sense of personality and excitement to your space that will keep customers shopping for longer.

No matter the size of TV or type of mount you may need, Brunelli Electric can help your Southern MA business safely and beautifully mount a TV while hiding all wires and cables to keep a sleek appearance.

Professional TV Mounting Service for Homeowners

Even with hundreds of mount designs available online and at department stores, not all of them can match your exact needs and never match the seamless style of a custom mount!

Brunelli Electric serves Southern MA homeowners with complete custom TV mounting services, ensuring that all screens are positioned for your viewing comfort and that walls are not majorly damaged in the mounting process while the TV remains sturdy. Rather than attempting to DIY your new TV mount, call our team and prevent damage while also keeping wires managed and hidden. Our custom TV mounting services for homes combine fashion with function!