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If a home has been vacant for quite some time or faced significant damage and the electricity has been turned off, you’ll need to have a whole home electrical inspection before any power can be turned back on. That’s where Philip M. Brunelli Jr. Electrician, comes to the rescue! We’ll perform a comprehensive and professional whole-house electrical inspection to make sure that the wiring is in compliance with current electrical codes. In the inspection, we’ll look for broken panels, missing breakers, defects/cuts/cracking on insulation, proper color coding of wiring, and water damage, inspect the grounding system and clearances, and take electrical readings.

After our preliminary inspections and readings are complete, one of our fully licensed and insured electricians will diagnose any and all potential issues and determine a necessary course of action to ensure new wiring can be replaced up to existing codes.

Once all restoration is completed, we will do a final equipment and systems check before working with local utility providers to get your house back on the grid! From start to finish, Brunelli Electric will keep you in the loop, meeting all codes, and working efficiently.

Abandoned Home Electric Restoration

Severe Weather Electric Restoration

Damaged Home Electric Restoration

What Should I Anticipate During a Restoration Inspection?

1. Overall Safety Assessment

2. Primary Visual Inspections

3. Damage Testing

4. Equipment Inspections

5. Repair and Restoration Begins

6. Final Inspections and Safety Checks

Contact Brunelli For Your Southern MA Electrical Restorations

There are numerous reasons why your southern Massachusetts home may need assistance with electrical inspections and restorations, but there is only one team of southern MA electricians fit for the job- Brunelli Electric! We have helped restore electricity to abandoned homes purchased by new owners, homes damaged by severe weather, homes damaged by fires and other disasters, and much more! No matter the severity of your home’s electrical damage, the team of fully licensed and insured electricians at Brunelli Electric can restore power to your home quickly and, most importantly, safely. Contact us today to schedule a visit and get back on the grid!