If you need an in-home electrical inspection, Philip M. Brunelli Jr. Electrician is there for you! Did you know electrical problems are the largest cause of property damage in home structure fires across the U.S.? Our highly-trained staff can help identify any problems and repair them if necessary. An electrical inspection is a thorough examination of your entire electrical system. Our technicians will ensure that all of your electrical wires, systems, and components meet legal safety standards.

Protect Your Southern MA Home’s Electrical System with Brunelli Electric

Massachusetts is known for its stunning colonial homes, many of which are over 100 years old! While beautiful, the sheer age of these homes can leave them with a litany of electrical safety issues. Some of the most common electrical safety issues we inspect in Southern MA include plain and simply outdated systems, hidden knob and tube wiring, improper grounding, and much more! Whether your home is experiencing electrical safety issues due to its age or condition, or because of poor work from a different electrician, Brunelli Electric can help restore your Southern MA home’s electrical systems and ensure your family’s safety.

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What Happens During an Electrical System Inspection?

A complete home electrical inspection is straightforward yet extremely important and meticulous. During your inspection, a Brunelli Electric licensed and insured electrician will visit your home and verify that all outlets, fixtures, and wiring are up to all safety codes and functioning properly. From here, we will also inspect your home’s main electrical panel to be certain that all circuit breakers are functioning as normal and are clearly labeled for each zone of your home. If any issues are detected within your system, Brunelli can quickly and accurately diagnose the problem and provide homeowners with a quote to effectively repair the problem.

Why Should I Complete an Electrical System Inspection?

Just like you regularly visit your doctor or dentist for preventative care, periodic electrical inspections can serve as preventative care for your Southern MA home’s overall safety. Your home’s electrical systems are working 24/7, 365, with absolutely no time off, for decades at a time. As homeowners often leave their electrical systems in the back of their minds, it is of paramount importance that all Southern MA homes have their electrical systems inspected every 5-7 years to ensure all is in working order to avoid critical damage to your system or home.

Contact Brunelli Electric for Southern MA Electrical System Safety Inspections

Don’t take a chance on a damaged or outdated electrical system. Taking this risk can lead to serious property damage and even death! Instead, contact Brunelli Electric and let the professionals ensure your system is functioning up to all safety codes. Contact us today to schedule your inspection.