recessed lightingRecessed lights are light fixtures that are set into the ceiling, providing additional lighting with no exposed fixtures. They are commonly installed in homes today and made for both indoors and outdoors.  Recessed lights can be great in bedrooms, hallways, task areas in your kitchen and office. They can be installed almost anywhere; in porch ceilings, bathrooms, kitchens, stairways, closets and more!

There are many benefits to installing recessed lighting; but the most important one is how efficient it is. Recessed lighting provides a large amount of lighting to a room without creating shadows. It allows you to work more efficiently without the use of obstructive light fixtures.

LED recessed lighting can save you energy and money! These lights use only about ¼ of the wattage that incandescent recessed lights use, but yet they still give off the same amount of illumination. LED lights also last a lot longer than incandescent lights, meaning that changing light bulbs is a thing of the past!