Investing in a camera system for your property can help deter unwanted individuals and actions. With technology rapidly changing there are now multiple ways to keep your property safe and a quality camera system is one of them! In the event something unfortunate happens you’ll now feel much more protected knowing everything is being recorded.

Get Your Camera System Installed by the Best

Our team at Brunelli Electricians has been working diligently these past months to learn everything there is to know about camera installation. We value our customers and the services we provide them. Therefore, we work harder than any team in New England to ensure we can provide the best results. Here at Brunelli, we strive to learn and keep improving regardless of the services we provide. If you’re looking for camera installation services for your property and want a dedicated and proven team then contact us today!

Record Your Property at All Times

A huge benefit to installing a camera system for your property is being able to view your property at all times. No matter where you are you can view your property from the comfort of your phone, tablet, or computer. Even if your network were to go out you are still able to save and look at any recordings. Most video footage is stored on what’s known as an NVR, which is a mass storage device for all your recordings. This means that even when you may not have current access to your internet, your property will still have access to all the recorded footage you missed. If you think your property can benefit from having 24-hour surveillance whether it be indoor or outdoor, then we recommend investing in a camera system installation.

Someone using a security camera system

Choose From Numerous Camera Options

A great part of working with a team like Brunelli is we only use products and materials created by the best manufacturers. We trust our products so much we even use them for our properties whether they’re commercial or residential related. By working with the best manufacturers we also gain access to numerous types of camera options. We wanted our customers to be able to pick the best cameras that suit their specific needs. If you want a bullet, dome, or even a 180-degree style camera the team at Brunelli can get it done. Get the best camera installation service for your property by giving us a call!