If you’re looking for a high-quality camera system that can help protect your property then Brunelli has the solution for you! Our team has undergone extensive training to learn everything there is to know about camera installation. We carry numerous options of camera types so that you can choose what best suits your needs. No matter what camera system you choose, you can always count on our team to bring amazing results. To learn more about our cameras and our installation services contact us today!

Commercial & Residential Bullet Cameras

Bullet cameras are perfect for preventing intruders from entering your property. The design of a bullet camera makes it very noticeable to those passing by. Therefore, utilizing this camera outside can be a great deterrent by notifying others of your added security. Once someone sees that you have cameras on your property, they will be less inclined to commit a crime. Bullet cameras also have crystal-clear images allowing you to see your property’s surroundings at all times.

bullet camera
Dome Camera

Dome Cameras For Commercial & Residential Properties

Unlike bullet cameras, dome cameras are much more subtle and hard to spot. This makes them even better for indoor use because they can easily blend in with their surroundings. Dome cameras are commonly used outdoors, typically for catching intruders off guard. Their dome design allows its inner camera to be hidden, making the intruder unaware of which direction the camera is truly facing. If you want a camera that isn’t in your face and can get the job done in any environment, then consider installing a dome camera on your property today!

Indoor & Outdoor 180 Degree Panoramic Camera

One of the most innovative types of camera systems around is the new 180-degree panoramic camera. It has an incredible fisheye lens that allows you to see an extremely large area with just one camera installed. These cameras are amazing for covering large areas like yards, hallways, warehouses, and much more. They are very resilient and have amazing video quality that allows you to cover nearly every blind spot. If you want to protect your property with one of the best pieces of technology on the market then have our team install a 180-degree panoramic camera today!

Commercial & Residential Camera Systems

Get in touch with our team and start protecting your property like never before! We’ll make sure everything is done perfectly and beautifully. Have the best team of electricians in Franklin, MA, work on your property. Contact us today to schedule an estimate or to view more of our camera options.

180-degree panoramic camera