Our highly trained professionals handle all types of electrical work, including fixing existing wiring. Most repairs are due to the constant expansion of your home or business. Once we diagnose your electrical needs, we can fix your existing electrical problem and supply you with new electrical wiring to meet your demands. We guarantee all of our work and use only the best products for our projects.

electrical repairs

What you can expect from our technicians:

  • Well trained and experienced
  • Uniformed and background checked
  • Respectful of your home (wear floor savers)
  • Arrive on time
  • No high pressure sales tactics
  • Straight forward pricing
  • Use high quality products
  • Lighting design help
  • Guaranteed satisfaction

Residential Electrical Repairs in Massachusetts

Your home’s electricity is a necessity, but it can also pose serious risks if not properly inspected and maintained. Brunelli Master Electricians can help diagnose and repair any and all electrical issues you may encounter in your southern Massachusetts home.

Common indications that your home needs electrical repairs include flickering lights, buzzing outlets, tripping breakers, frayed cords, and more.

While these problems may just seem like a basic inconvenience, they can present high risks of electrical fires and other damage to your home. Don’t try to wait it out or fix it yourself, instead, contact Brunelli and have your southern Massachusetts home’s electrical repaired by licensed professionals.

Commercial Electrical Repairs in Massachusetts

Of course, southern Massachusetts businesses rely on electricity to run their restaurants, gyms, shop, and more as well! Just like homes, these businesses need to ensure their electrical wiring and outlets are fully up to code to protect themselves, and their customers.

The high usage of outlets, appliances, and lighting can cause severe electrical problems for commercial properties in southern Massachusetts, especially those that are based in commercial buildings that are older, or without outdated electrical wiring.

Whether it is something simple like a malfunctioning outlet or ceiling fan, or something more serious like a faulty breaker, Brunelli Electric can repair all electrical systems and keep your southern Massachusetts business running safely and efficiently.

Contact Philip M. Brunelli Jr. Master Electrician for Residential and Commercial Electric Repairs

Don’t let an electrical problem that could easily be fixed spell disaster for your southern MA residential or commercial property. Instead, hire the experts at Brunelli Electric to come to diagnose and fix the problem fast, effectively, and at a fair price. We also offer emergency electrical services!