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Residential Electrical Panel Upgrades in Southern Massachusetts

Electrical panels and meters are what bring electricity into homes. Updating or changing an electrical panel requires a licensed, certified electrician. Many older homes are equipped with a 60 or 100-amp electrical service, which can not handle the amount of electricity we use today.

Do your lights flicker? Do your fuses blow regularly? Do you need more outlets in your home? You will need a 200 amp service to add air conditioning and charging units for an electric car or if you are planning an addition. This will also add value to your home at resale.  Call Philip M. Brunelli Jr. Electrician, to upgrade to a standard 200 amp electrical service that is installed in many newer homes today!

When Should I Update My Electrical Panel?

Although electrical panels may not sit in the front of homeowners’ minds, they are crucial in delivering safe and effective electricity to your home. Most electrical panels can go between 25-40 years without needing replacing up updating, but unforeseen circumstances can make updates necessary much earlier than this. If you frequently see lights flickering, lights dim when multiple appliances are running, sparks when using outlets, or notice rotten smells, chances are your home is overdue for an electrical panel upgrade with Brunelli Electric!

What Makes Outdated Panels Dangerous?

Outdated electrical panels are one of the most immediate threats to your home’s well-being. Aside from the headaches of having breakers flipping constantly and lights flickering, outdated panels also pose much more severe risks. Outdated panels frequently lead to home electrical fires as outlets are overloaded by new appliances and technology that your old panel is unable to keep up with and safely provide electricity to.

Contact Philip M. Brunelli Jr. Electrician for Southern MA Residential Panel Updates

Just like an outdated panel is dangerous for your home, so is working with an electrician that you cannot trust! Luckily, Philip M. Brunelli Jr. is ready to help keep your southern MA home up to date with all electrical needs, including panel upgrades. We also service commercial properties! Contact us today to get started!