Keeping lighting and kitchen equipment up and running is essential for a successful restaurant. With our unique lighting design, we help make a comfortable dining atmosphere that can also show off the architecture of your restaurant. Between subtle accent lighting for lounge and dining areas, bright, colorful lights for sports bars, or even strobe lights for dance bars, we do it all! We have wired commercial kitchens large and small, making power available to keep a functioning kitchen and restaurant.

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Southern Massachusetts Restaurant Lighting Electricians

The lighting and electrical wiring of a restaurant can have a far greater impact on service and the customer experience than you may realize! First off, kitchens should always be well-lit and up to electrical codes to prevent workplace injuries due to poor lighting or faulty wiring. Of course, the main dining and bar areas of your restaurant need proper lighting as well; properly installed lighting can impact the overall mood of your restaurant and keep customers happier and wishing to stay longer than if they were sitting under dim, flickering lights. Food appearance and presentation can also be improved when it is shown under great lighting, again improving customer experiences!

Picking Light Color and Temperature

As you are well aware, the color and temperature of an area’s lighting can play a huge part in its comfort and coziness. Traditionally, white lighting is considered to be a comfort lighting making a room feel more spacious and open. On the flip side, yellow lights are known to make areas feel more enclosed and even uncomfortable sometimes.

Brightness Options

Much like color and temperatures, the brightness levels you choose for your restaurant lighting can impact the mood and feel of your restaurant. Casual or take-out restaurants may opt for brighter overhead lighting similar to what you may find in a home, while fancier, more intimate restaurants may choose dimmer options. No matter the mood and appearance that you are trying to achieve in your restaurant, Brunelli Electric can help by showing restaurant owners various options and ensuring that all fixtures are installed up to code!

Finding a Balance

Even if you already know the type of lighting you want to install as well as the color and brightness, you need to choose the spacing and balance of fixtures. This is one of the tougher decisions to make in the restaurant lighting process, which is why Brunelli Electric is here to help! Our team can help owners plot their best layouts, angles, and more, making sure their new lighting is comfortable for employees and patrons and energy efficient.

Contact Philip M. Brunelli for Southern MA Electrical Work

The team of licensed electricians at Brunelli have installed lights throughout dozens of Southern Massachusetts restaurants, making us trusted experts in the field. Our staff is able to match your exact style goals while providing helpful suggestions based on prior work and knowledge. Our ability to match your restaurant’s unique wants and needs while ensuring all fixtures are up to code and with energy efficiency in mind makes Brunelli the best team for Southern MA restaurant owners. Contact us today for a quote!