retail interior lighting

With the correct lighting in a store, you can create a compelling brand identity to inspire and engage shoppers. Lighting is an extremely important factor that influences customers. Accent lighting can help highlight certain areas of a store, set a specific¬†mood, and strongly affect shoppers’ purchasing decisions. Let our technicians customize your lighting plan to attract customers, boost sales, and strengthen your brand today!

Lighting Layout Consultations for MA Retailers

As many retail stores are massive in terms of square footage, it is important to design and install new lighting in an effective and efficient way. Brunelli Electricians will consult with retail space owners to guide them through design options ensuring that every inch of their store is well-lit with no spots that are either dimly lit or nearly blinding. On top of this, Brunelli is able to maximize your electrical efficiency and cut monthly bills by installing fixtures that illuminate a wider range of square footage.

Electrical Upgrades for Retailers in MA

Even If you feel that your retail store is well-lit, you may still be overdue for electrical updates and upgrades. Outdated panels or fixtures can pose serious threats to your retail space for employees and customers alike. Whether it is an annoyance like buzzing or flickering lights or more serious threats like constantly flipping breakers or overloaded outlets that can lead to fires, it is important that you ensure your retail space has updated fixtures and wiring.

Electricians for Retail Space Additions in MA

As retail businesses grow, they often times outgrow their current square footage and opt for an addition. While this is thrilling for business owners and marks great sales, it often comes with great stress as well, don’t let electrical updates become part of this stress! If your retail space is expanding, contact Brunelli Electric and allow us to re-wire and update your new space for you. By installing updated panels and wiring, our licensed and insured team of electricians can have your retail space ready to take on the increased energy load with no sweat! Beyond this, we are also able to match all lighting and fixtures to the original space before the addition helping you keep a seamless and uniform appearance, mood and feel throughout your entire store.

Contact Philip M. Brunelli Jr. Electrician

For years, the team at Brunelli Electric has served Southern Massachusetts retail properties with complete lighting and electric solutions like fixture installations, electrical inspections, panel upgrades, and more. Contact our licensed and insured team today and see how we can transform your retail space!