Fire Alarm Contractor in Franklin, MA

One of the most important safety features of any building is having a proper fire alarm system to warn you of potential dangers inside the home. Philip M. Brunelli Jr. Electrician and his team specialize in fire alarm system installations for newly constructed buildings or inspections for those that have already been built. Older systems can and should be replaced after time in order to adhere to safety standards and keep yourself or others as safe as possible. We can do upgrades and repairs in a variety of different buildings, both commercial and residential.

Fire codes are extremely important to follow and our knowledge of them ensures your property will have effective warning systems in place that can save lives. When installing a new alarm system, we use the highest quality resources. Some of our services include fire alarm testing, installation of alarms in buildings without them, system maintenance, and upgrading older alarm systems to newer models. If you have any other electrical need not listed here, please feel free to contact us regarding our full list of services.

Our electricians are all fully licensed by the state of Massachusetts, ensuring quality service from each maintenance visit or installation. Throughout the years and our myriad of clients, we’ve been able to gain experience to work as efficiently as possible depending on the building type our clients need us to manage. You will be provided with direct aid in order to ensure your needs are entirely met. You might encounter several electrical issues and we can help, contact Brunelli Electrician today for assistance and a free estimate from our electrical contractors.


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