What Is A Short Circuit?

short circuit

People usually use the term short circuit in the wrong context. They refer it to as a wiring issue in an electrical circuit. However, in actuality, the short circuit occurs due to exposure and damage of the wire connections or electrical circuit wires. Here is some important information that will provide you a better understanding of the short circuit:

What is a Short Circuit?

A short circuit occurs when one wire carrying electric current contacts another wire or other electrical conductor. When this happens, a new path for electricity opens up, leading it to that alternate path. Because energy, in this case, electricity, flows to the path with the least resistance, it leads to amplify the electric charge. When the flow of current exceeds in a path, it raises safety issues. As a result, it generates heat and a large amount of power causing disruption to the connected appliances.

Why is Short-Circuiting Dangerous?

A short circuit may rise in both AC and DC circuits and both situations are dangerous. But you may wonder why a short circuit is dangerous? Well, due to the fact that a large amount of energy travels through a single circuit, it produces high temperatures. In this condition, heat can cause fire and power failure. 

For instance, when there is a short circuit in a 9v battery, it instantly discharges generating heat. The heat occurs due to a large flow of current. Keeping this example in mind, when the high current flows through a charged capacitor causing a short circuit, it results in power failure causing wire explosion. 

How to Prevent a Short Circuit?

Here are some tips, suggested by experts, to prevent short circuits and save your home:

  • Switch off the appliance when they are no longer in use.
  • Installing protective devices such as fuses can help indicate a short circuit. The fuses will blow out with an exceeding current preventing any damage. 
  • Monitor a load of current by installing magneto-thermal switches.
  • Install grounded outlets and prevent short circuits especially when you connect devices that can cause an internal short circuit.

Contact Brunelli Electric in Franklin, MA

When a short circuit happens, you should immediately look for the obvious problem. However, this can be a challenging task because a short circuit may arise inside the wall. Therefore, you should contact a licensed electrician and let them deal with the problem. 

At Brunelli Electrician, we provide a professional and highly qualified electrician to inspect and solve short circuit problems eliminating the risk of fire. Simply, contact us at 508-400-5571, if you smell smoke or melted plastic and save your family and home from a serious problem.

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