Can Restaurant Lighting Transform My Guests Experience?

restaurant lighting

If you are a restaurant owner, one of our main goals is to guarantee guests a great experience every time they dine with you. You want your guest happy and fully satisfied, but it’s not simply about the quality food that you provide them. There’s more to a great restaurant experience than what is on the menu and the final product that reaches a guest’s table. If you’ve never really given much thought to light being a huge factor, consider it now. Your choice in restaurant lighting can transform your space for the better or worse and impact your guests’ experience. Here are some simple tricks and tips to consider when adding restaurant lighting to your restaurant.

Keep Lighting Balanced

Functional restaurant lighting prevents glare and eye strain and this can be achieved by minimizing brightness to the right level and bringing balance to your lighting taking both surfaces and colors into consideration. A lighting imbalance in your restaurant can cause your guests’ pupils to adjust dramatically as their eyes move from surface to surface. This adjustment causes eye strain which can lead to headaches and discomfort. Aim to keep your restaurant space evenly and brightly lit. It’s best to use more than a single light source to illuminate a space with a dark surface that doesn’t reflect light well. Improper balance of lighting can cause discomfort for your guests.

Be Smart When Choosing LED

LED lights are a great investment that can help you to save on energy costs, leaving you with more money to put into growing your business. The type of LED lighting and where they are placed are typically dependent on factors, like the mood you want to create, your restaurant’s interior design and external facade, the menu, and whether or not you want to create a focal point. If you would like first impressions to help you gain new guests and keep them, the right LED lighting design in your restaurant can be impactful. The ambiance and accent lighting, for example, matters to guests and the sort of atmosphere and experience that they are seeking. 

Use Light-Colored Surfaces to Impact Restaurant Lighting

Look beyond lighting fixtures for a source of light for your restaurant space. Consider how to capitalize on reflected and diffused light to gain adequate, inviting, and comfortable illumination in your restaurant. This is where decor becomes important to restaurant lighting. When it comes to painted surfaces, from countertops and tabletop to walls and bars, selecting lighter-colored paint can do wonders to reflect light, while creating a much calmer and inviting space for guests to enjoy. Keep in mind that dark-colored surfaces will throw off the lighting balance in your restaurant since they absorb rather than reflect light. Preventing glare and eye strain are key factors in ensuring that guests have a great time as they dine.

Contact Brunelli Electrician for Restaurant Lighting

At the end of the day, you want guests at your restaurant to leave feeling completely satisfied with their experience and Brunelli Electrician can help you to achieve that end. If you have a restaurant lighting need, let our team of reliable lighting professionals help you make the right selection. Give us a call today to learn more about the lighting services that we provide and how we can help you.508-400-5571

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