How Can I Baby Proof My Home’s Electric System

childproof outlet

Babies are cute little beings, but their inquisitiveness can breed problems if not look into on time. One of such issues or risks associated with having babies in the house is electricity accidents and injuries. You can be cajoled to think the biggest risks to your baby are outside your apartment; you will be surprised to be wrong. 

There are many hazards a baby can encounter in the home, and how you will ensure you keep things right before any problem occur is what we will discuss in this piece.

Steps to childproofing your home’s electric system

Put kitchen appliances out of reach

For all the goodness that comes from the kitchen, your baby can also experience electrical hazards in there. So, here is what you should do: store your electric appliances in cabinets and keep the top spaces free. This will ensure wandering hands can’t drag anything to the floor.

If your appliances have to be in the open, then ensure that they are not at the edge of the counter. Make sure they are switched off at the wall, and the power cables are well hidden. When you are cooking, cultivate the habit of putting the handle of your frying pans facing the wall.

Inspect power cords

No thanks to the modern home setting, your home is probably riddled with power cords. And these cords are liable to wear and tear after usage for years. As these cords get twisted, their insulating sheath can be damaged and expose the conductive wires.

Bearing this in mind, you should inspect your power cables regularly for signs of fraying. If the damage is severe, you should change it. Other means you can childproof your home is to make the cables less accessible by putting them behind heavy rugs or furniture. If that isn’t possible, then you should use cable chips to reroute them.

Invest in electrical outlet caps

You can’t beat a child’s inquisitiveness; the best is to keep things out of their way. Power outlets, especially ones that are below the waist level, are susceptible to a child and can ultimately hurt them.

The right thing to do is to buy some electrical outlet caps. These protective outlet plugs are not costly and offer an easy solution to eradicate the chances of your child experiencing a severe electric shock.

Restrict access to some parts of the house

Despite all we have discussed earlier, it might still be difficult to keep a child completely from hurting himself. In that situation, it is best to restrict access to those parts of the house. The laundry room or garages for instance are places in the house with sharp and dangerous electric appliances. And your child has no business being there, so keep them off.


You need those electric appliances, but they are also dangerous to your child, so you must do all there is to do to ensure they both live in peace. If that includes employing the services of a professional like Brunelli Electrician to help you, please do. Brunelli Electrician will ensure you have protective gear and tools in place, and in the event of an accident, you will be informed on the right steps to take. Contact us today by giving us a call at 508-400-5571 or by filling out a contact form!

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