If I Remodel My Home, Do I Need an Electrical Upgrade too?

electrical upgrade

A home remodel can either be a simple affair, or it can entail a detailed transformation with complex parts and significant considerations. Careful planning is generally required if you are remodeling your home and would like to avoid certain mishaps that could prove costly. With your remodeling plans, one question that may be asking yourself is, ‘Do I need an electrical upgrade too?’ The answer to this question depends on your home and the type of remodeling project you plan on carrying out.

You Need an Electrical Upgrade at the Same Time as Your Home Remodeling Project

Chances are, if your home is an older structure, it may already be due for an electrical upgrade if one was not done recently or depending on the date of the last upgrade. If your home’s electrical demands have increased, but your current electrical system doesn’t appropriately support it, you should get an upgrade while doing your remodeling project. Maybe you need to get your electrical system updated to meet building codes and ensure that new appliances, outlets, and switches and other additions won’t pose a safety risk. It’s smart to upgrade your electrical system while doing your home remodel since it will save you time and money. The electrical work can be done while the home remodeling project is taking place and not afterward. You want to avoid reopening walls and panels that you just paid contractors plenty of money to put together.

If You Need an Electrical Upgrade

Keep in mind that it’s typically more cost-effective and far safer to perform an electrical upgrade on your home when tackling your remodeling project. Major remodeling projects usually require some consideration into electrical upgrades, but individual homes or remodeling projects differ. If remodeling specific spaces, like home offices, kitchens, entertainment rooms, and bathrooms, you should consider an electrical upgrade.

Need More Power

While kitchens and bathrooms are two of the most popular spaces that are renovated in the home, other spaces, like additional rooms, home offices, workshops, are spaces that you should also keep in mind when it comes to an electrical upgrade. It doesn’t matter if these spaces are entirely new or freshly renovated; it’s crucial to have an electrical system that adequately supports these different spaces. You may need new wiring and a new electrical panel. Kitchens tend to have several outlets and having an electrical system that is efficient enough to support the different appliances and gadgets and multiple plug-ins at the same time is crucial. If these outlets are not appropriately spaced – 6 feet away from obstruction or a break in the wall based on today’s building codes – this could create a hazard.


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