Why Are My Electrical Outlets Warm?

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Electrical power is necessary for most of the tasks we do in our everyday life. Appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, televisions, etc. wouldn’t be able to run without electricity. Because power strips are convenient and easy to get, we often plug multiple appliances into the same outlet.

Because we use these appliances in our everyday lives and usually don’t think twice about it, we often forget that we need to do safety checks. It’s important to touch our outlets here and there to make sure they are not warming up. If they are warming up it doesn’t necessarily mean they are broken or need to be replaced but its a sign that something is overworking and needs to be adjusted in order for the outlet to cool down. Here are some reasons as to why your outlets may be warming up and how you should go about fixing the issue. 

Too Many Devices are Plugging In

If you have many different things plugged in at once, the outlet may be overwhelmed and can’t keep up with the electricity demand. It is recommended to unplug a few things for a few hours or even days. If the outlet cools down you can then plug them back in but it’s probably best to only plug certain appliances in when you need them. If they don’t need to be plugged in all the time, don’t leave them plugged in. Another solution is to move some appliances to other outlets in your home. Don’t plug all your appliances into just one outlet for your convenience. You have a number of other outlets in your home for a reason. 

If you go back to the outlet after letting it sit unplugged for a while and the outlet is still warm, it probably needs to be replaced. 

Your Outlet Is Broken

If your outlet continues to get warm even if a lot of things aren’t plugged in it is likely that your outlet is broken and you’ll need to replace it. It is very common for outlets to break or wear down over time. So if you haven’t replaced your home’s outlets in many years, its probably time to do so. 

Damaged Wiring

There is a chance that if your outlet is constantly overheating that the wiring behind the outlet is damaged or worn out. Since the wiring is trying its best to work it will overheat and become very warm. If you believe your wiring is damaged it’s recommended that you call the professionals to come and replace the wiring as soon as possible. 

Your Fuse or Breaker is Incorrectly Sized

Older homes tend to run into this issue more than newer homes. The older electrical systems were not designed to handle some of the appliances and electronics we have these days. They were also not designed to handle how many things we plug into one outlet. Power strips nowadays can hold up to 10 appliances. If your outlets were created many years ago, it is likely they cannot handle power strips without overheating. 

Contact Brunelli Electrician

If you are experiencing warm outlets in your home it may be best and safer to call a professional to come to evaluate and fix the issue. The professionals at Brunelli Electrician will take a look at your outlet and wiring systems to find what needs to be fixed or replaced so that your home can remain safe. Don’t hesitate to contact us today by calling or filling out a contact form on our website!

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