Why Do My Light Bulbs Keep Burning Out?

changing a light bulb

We all expect the lights to go on at the flip of a switch every time we enter a room. It can get frustrating, or even scary, when you flip a light switch and the light does not go on. You realize the bulb has burned out, and you are forced to postpone whatever you intended to do and get an alternative source of light. These bulb burn-outs can get costly in the long run, and you will need to understand the major causes of this problem, and what you can do in case a bulb burns out on you.

What Causes Bulb Burn-Outs?

Most cases of burnt-out bulbs are as a result of the following:

Excess Power Supply Voltage

The standard voltage for lighting in North America is 120V. Outlets that supply too much voltage will cause the bulb to burn out sooner, for example, those light bulbs connected to non-standard lighting outlets meant for high voltage appliances.

Poor Connections

When connecting the light bulb to the power outlet, you will need to ensure that the bulb is connected as it should. If the bulb is connected loosely, there might be intermittent voltage, and that will cause the bulb to bun out. Other faults include bulbs that are screwed too tight, damaging the contacts or misaligning with the contacts. These bulbs will not receive consistent power, and this may lead to burning out. It is also important to check that the bulb has enough solder at the contact base.

Wrong Bulb Type

One of the most common causes of burnt out light bulbs is the use of wrong types. Using a 120 watt light bulb in a 60-watt lamp will create excess heat and could even cause a fire. It is imperative that you use the correct bulb for your lamp’s wattage. Other bulbs are burnt out by constant switching on and off. To prevent this, use LED lights for applications like motion sensor lights, rather than compact fluorescent lights whose electrodes diminish due to the constant on/off switch.

Contact Brunelli Electrician

Whatever the cause may be for your burnt out light bulb, one fact remains. Electric faults are dangerous to the unskilled person, and you do not want to be that person. It doesn’t help if you go poking around with a screwdriver and trying to find out what caused the burnout.  You are safer, and better placed to receive a lasting solution if you reach out to experts such as Brunelli Electrician. Armed with many years of experience and the best equipment, we will offer you the best solutions for your light bulb problems. Contact us today! 

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