How to Protect Your Outdoor Outlets

Outdoor power outlets can be a convenient source of electricity not only for leisure and entertainment purposes but for getting the chores done outside without the hassle of extension cords. Electrical outlets outdoors make your life easy since they can supply your landscape lighting, power up a lawn mower, charge your phone, and so on. However, by failing to properly maintain these outlets, you’re risking to not only damage your equipment but create a dangerous hazard to your home and family. There are several tips electricians recommend to properly protect and maintain your outdoor outlets.


First of all, there’s only one type of power outlets that’s okay for the outdoor use. Per requirement of National Electrical Code, the ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) power outlets are used for safety. This type of outlets is equipped with “TEST” and “RESET” buttons and has “WR” letters imprinted, meaning they are “weather-resistant”.


Weatherproof covers are mandatory for outdoor outlets. The generic flip-up tabs often come together, but they only protect outlets from moisture and dirt when the outlets are not in use. One of the newer requirements of the National Electrical Code is so-called “bubble covers”. It’s just another weatherproof addition, protecting your outlets against moisture and allowing you to use them safely even during inclement weather. Bubble covers provide a deep lid all over the outlet, letting a plugged-in cord run out of the bottom.


If you just moved into a new home that already comes with outdoor outlets, don’t just assume they are working properly. Make sure to schedule a safety inspection with us!


The spring is fast approaching, and soon enough we’ll be spending way more time outdoors, enjoying the longer daylight and warmer weather. Protect your home and your family by ensuring the safe and proper operation of outdoor outlets. Here at Philip M. Brunelli Jr. Master Electrician, we can install, repair or inspect outdoor outlets in the area of Franklin, MA.

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